Land With No Time, 2015, Logan Maxwell Hagege

Land With No Time, 2015, Logan Maxwell Hagege

Who would have thought that Indianapolis, Indiana would be into Indians, go figure. They have a minor league baseball team called the Indians, but so does Cleveland. They also have one of the best museums on American Indian and Western art called the Eiteljorg. It is in the same league as Fort Worth’s Amon Carter, which is the best museum devoted to that genre that I’ve ever seen.

The museum has three main floor galleries, two of which house the permanent collection. In the third gallery was a visiting show about the Grand Canyon. Upstairs is one long and winding gallery, which was primarily devoted to Native American artworks, as opposed to art about Native Americans and the West. It is a very nice museum, which be both enjoyed a lot.

I bought two t-shirts there. One had Charley Harper’s “Cardinal Close-up” on it, so now I finally have some Cardinal wear and the other one had Frank Buffalo Hyde’s “You’re Invited to a War Party, Segways”. The original of which was selling for four grand, while the t-shirt was only $10, a pretty good deal, I think. After we were already back in Saint Louis, Indianapolis was pelted with another round of storms, which featured 70 MPH winds, hail, flooding and tornadoes.

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