Thinking Outside the Box

Where have all the cavemen gone? …long time passing



I am pleased to announce that my name is now on a org chart. It had been MIA for over a year. I endured this slight and have prevailed. I shouldn’t complain, because I still got paid and most people tended to leave me alone because of it, sort of a win-win. Still, the situation left me with a feeling of not being wanted or at least not belonging. Anyway, my name now sits alone, all alone, in its very own org chart box. A box without any function attached to it, but except for my boss no one else has a stated function in that organization, so I don’t feel so bad anymore.

Last year’s year-end hiccup has thrown our corner of the company for a loop. My organization has still not found its footing. Too many people are still idle. I have been fortunate enough to land on my feet, even if my footing is shaky at best. Management has done what is always does in the face of a crisis, it has reorganized. Now there are twice as many managers as there were before, all of them now trying to perform the same work as before.

Our protest period over last year’s debacle is winding down. Some still have hope springs eternal that next week John McCain will miraculously show up, contract and pen in hand, all apologetic for the government’s mistake. I’m a little bit more sanguine, because anything less than this fairy tale is all mox nix to me. Still, the human drama that accompanies this job holds some allure to me. My younger co-workers may view me as a Neanderthal, but I’m not extinct yet. I’ve done a little bit more speaking outside of the box than thinking here. Is this why the Neanderthal’s really went extinct?

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