Outlander – Season One

So, I just finished watching the first season of Outlander that sort-a Sci-Fi, trippy time-travel story about a WW II English army nurse who falls back through time and ends up in 18th-century Scotland, just before the Jacobite rebellion of 1745. Other than the McGuffin of teleporting her into the story, there really isn’t that much other Sci-Fi in the series. It is actually more of a bodice-ripper, if truth be told. Still, it has high production values and I enjoyed the series. It is produced by STARZ that I subscribed to in order to watch this series. Just before Christmas, Amazon Prime started offering add-on subscriptions that’s how I got access to STARZ. Instead of bodice-ripper, maybe a better description of the series might be period drama, because one of the main values of the show is its excellent portrayal of Highland culture, just before its fall, but my interest in studying these people is more than academic, because I married into them. Hence, the two photos of my lovely bride, first just holding a claymore and then looking ready to wield it, looking both friendly and fierce. As interesting touch is that the story’s heroine, Claire Randell has not two, but really three men in her life. First, there is Frank Randell her twentieth century husband, then there is Jamie, her 18th-century Scottish love interest, but there is also Black Jack Randell, the villain, but also Frank’s ancestor and is played by the same actor. Maybe it is a bodice-ripper after all? What Anne was saying in the pictures was, if you don’t stop taking silly pictures of me, I’ll slice you in half! Anne’s put is that one is the nice Ms. R and the other is for people who interrupt her for the fourth time.

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