Not Another Cowboy Bar!

Boot Country

Boot Country

Years and years ago, young Daniel son embarrassed the heck out of Anne and I, when on a winter’s night, when Bugs and Horsey were in town, I stopped to drop everyone off in front of Blueberry Hill and as soon as Anne had helped him out of the car and his feet had touched wet pavement he exclaimed in his always loud little voice, “You guys aren’t taking me to another cowboy bar?!?” We were both mortified. In our defense, we have never taken Dan to a cowboy bar. Further, Blueberry Hill is not a cowboy bar. Subsequently, we have since taken Dan back to Blueberry Hill many times and he seems to have always liked the place. Now that he is old enough to drink beer there, I imagine that it has only gotten better. Tomorrow, Dan exits LAX for the Lou. It will be good to see him again. The photo is from Nashville.

In other news, my work is done for the day. It’s a Friday, so my work is also done for the week. It is even done for the year, but alas, it is not done for good, at least not yet. Anne and I are officially now on Christmas break and like the jolly ole elf that she is, she is in the adjoining room wrapping presents for all of those good little boys and girls. I’m nowhere near ready myself, but now that I have some time off, I’ll be getting ready. The big news at work today was this unsual weather forecast.

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