Going Honky Tonking

Eye of Sauron over Broadway in Nashville

Eye of Sauron over Broadway in Nashville

We’re in Nashville tonight. We drove here today. The weather has been nice and traffic was mostly fine, but one lingering question remains, when is a road old enough that it can be told that it was adopted? Our hotel is downtown, just two blocks from Broadway, where most of the honky tonks are located. After check-in, we began exploring Nashville on foot. We ate dinner at the Merchant’s, where a full beard seemed to be part of the server’s uniform. After dinner we explored the music scene that was starting up for the evening. Usually, you could hear the music from the street. At one place, the Bootlegger’s Inn, we heard the sound of Tammy “Why-Not’s” Stand by Your Man and went in to hear some more music. Sauron’s tower is really an AT&T building and I photoshopped in to it the debris ring around Fomalhaut’s nebula from a NASA photo for the eye of Sauron. I’m not the first person to have done this.

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