Hispanic Festival

Ceramic Funeral Mask, Paracus Cavernas (Peru), 100-50 BCE, Dumbarton Oaks

Ceramic Funeral Mask, Paracus Cavernas (Peru), 100-50 BCE, Dumbarton Oaks

We bicycled down to Soulard and attended the Hispanic Festival, which was being held on the farmer market’s grounds. Accompanying us on this destination bike ride was Mary of Phil and Mary fame. We are now entering into the heart of the festival season. Next weekend’s festival calendar will be chock full of events. The Hispanic Festival is a new to us festival. We all enjoyed the food, there were shopping opportunities and many of the informational booths were also interesting. Quite a few of them were dedicated to providing assistance with the Affordable Care Act and in a bit of outreach the Saint Louis City Republicans were doing their bit to counteract the rest of the Republican Party’s behavior towards Hispanics.

Chocolate is like duct tape, it fixes everything.

On the way home, we attempted to show Mary the fountain and statue at the center of Shaw Place. This private street features an almost ethereal artwork that can still be viewed from nearby I-44. We told her how this neighborhood was fictionalized in the Elaine Viets mystery, Pink Flamingo Murders. She did us one turn better though by introducing us to Ices Plain & Fancy. Anne and I shared their Salted Dulce de Leche Custard and then helped Mary finish off her Mint Chip. They also serve boozy ices, but when I go back, I must try one of their coffees, either Sump Pump or The Back Up? It will be hard to decide. The proprietor was having way too much fun entertaining the children with her liquid nitrogen. Back in the neighborhood, Phil and Mary are neighbors, they plied us, over beer and conversation, with vegetables from their garden. I’m making pesto tonight, with some of their generous gift. Thank you very much!

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