Dick to Dick

Dick to Dick

Dick to Dick

Did I really see what I thought I saw? That was Anne’s thought when we drove by the pictured billboard at Newstead and I-64 last weekend. Yesterday, we bicycled by it and Anne took a picture of it. Maybe, I’m just a prick, but her photo didn’t measure up to my high standards. So, I took this picture today on our way back from the gardens, where we got Jane her koi kite and we both sweated profusely through our second day at the Japanese Festival. We drove instead of cycling, because I decided that it was already time to taper before next weekend’s big MS-150 charity bicycle ride, besides it was too darn hot.

Back to the billboard. I googled D2D LLC and found their website. Prepare to be outraged, but hold your fire. It suggests a three-step process:

  1. Money
  2. Power
  3. Respect

It also features a scrolling photo montage with a picture of a boatload of Benjamin’s, a “handshake” consisting of two pointing index fingers touching and confusingly a newspaper headline writing about Bernie Madoff’s brother going to jail. The website’s Twitter feed was more informative. Yesterday, it tweeted that Drew Dogan the Third had left D2D LLC to “pursue other interests.” Today two tweets from Melissa Meinzer of the Riverfront Times explained it all. It is all a fraud or rather a bit of performance art. Quoting from Meinzer’s article, which was just published today:

[It is all] the brainchild of Andrew Farrington, a 42-year-old independent financial consultant in Los Angeles. “It’s more or less performance art,” Farrington says of his dickish empire. “It’s a form of therapy.”

Her article also states that according to analytics about 500 Saint Louisans a day are googling this billboard, but not from their work computers.

Anne’s in review comment was, “What, no mention of Japanese erotic art?”

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