Hooray for Marketing!



Clorox versus Oxi-Clean
K-1 Science Fair Project

Question: Will Clorox or Oxi-Clean remove a red stain from a white t-shirt best?

Hypothesis: I think Clorox will remove the stain the best, because it has better commercials.

Procedure: 1, 2, 3…

  1. Get 2 t-shirts and put ketchup and Kool-Aid stains on both.
  2. Put 1 in a bowl with water, Tide detergent and Clorox.
  3. Put the 2nd shirt in a bowl with water, Tide detergent and Oxi-Clean.
  4. Scrub the shirts while in the water solution to see which comes clean fastest.

Results: After 4 minutes and 29 seconds of scrubbing the shirt with Clorox became white and the stain was gone. The shirt with Oxi-Clean after 5 minutes and 45 seconds scrubbing still had stains.

Conclusion: Clorox worked BEST at removing the stains and also it did the job within the least amount of time.

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