This Josef Albers painting, Homage to the Square: Wondering is somewhat familiar to me. I think that my Mom might have owned something similar. It could have even been an Albers, because according to the museum plaque describing this work, he made over a thousand paintings in his Homage to the Square series, from 1950 to his death in 1976. Each painting in the series is described as a variation of the format seen here, but produced in an array of color combinations chosen to provide a particular visual sensation. Albers began his repetitive and rigorous experimentation with geometric abstraction well before the development of Minimalism. He influenced countless artists not only through his art, but also through his teachings at the Bauhaus in Germany, Black Mountain College and Yale. I could be misremembering or it could have been done by a student. My Mom was an avid art collector and purchased many copies of famous furniture pieces that I’ve seen in the Saint Louis Art Museum and the Chicago Art Institute. We went to the museum to see the Bingham show and I haven’t forgotten that I had promised a post on that show too, But there was also a flower arranging show going on that evening, Flowers in Art. These three flower arrangements were based on the Homage to the Square painting.

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