Power Play

Dan at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC

Dan at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC

Dan landed safely back in LA early this morning. It was 2:30 AM local when he first touched down. It then took him an hour and a half to get back to his studio, but it only cost $8. He was returning to the left coast after his visit to the right coast. He sent along this photo of him hugging what looks like a relief globe of the moon that was located in the American Museum of Natural History, NYC. One of Dan’s CalArts era art projects was a weather balloon derived model of the moon. There must be a touch of lunacy in the boy. His late night flights, plus choosing NYC as his airport destination, were all part of his efforts to economize on his travel expenses. His eventual destination was a friend’s wedding in Virginia. He hitched a ride for those legs of his journey.

While he was back east, Dan must have seen quite a bit of snow. He arrived last week, right after the “Blizzard of 2015” and left after a second round this week. He saw much more snow there then we’ve seen here in Saint Louis this winter. In Saint Louis this winter it has been cold at times and it has been wet at times, but not too much of the two at the same time. Today is probably only the second or third exception to that statement. Originally, we were supposed to be getting 2” to 3” today, then 1” to 2” and then finally less than 1” was forecast. Except for some ice on the cars, I don’t think that we will be getting anything, before the bottom drops out of the thermometer tomorrow morning.

I guess that since now it is almost a fait complete, I can blog about this subject, anyway I’m going to. As a Christmas present, my scintillating wife, Anne and her two lovely sisters, Jay and Jane hatched a power play plot. They wanted to purchase their parents, Bugs and Horsey, a generator for their house. Their parents live in a much wooded section town and frequently lose their electricity. This results in the ritual emptying of the greenhouse, in order to protect the plants from the cold, but now that Bugs and Horsey are getting on in years, first Jane decided and then Jay and Anne concurred that they needed a backup power supply. The original plan was for the daughters to plan, purchase and pay for this device, but Horsey stepped in and shouldered most of the financial burden. As per usual, he paid for dinner and the girls get to pick up the tip. Still in the end, Jane and her siblings will was wrought.

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