Smarter Than A Sixth Grader?

Autumn Colors Redux – More Reflected Tamaracks

Autumn Colors Redux – More Reflected Tamaracks

Are you smarter than a sixth grader? As it turns out we were. Trivia Night last night was a gala party, with over two-hundred in attendance. This year’s MRH sixth grade field trip to Chicago was the night’s charity cause and in this one event two-thirds of the trip’s funds were raised. In addition to ten rounds of trivia, there were also raffles and auctions, all of which helped to bump up the night’s haul.

The first round of trivia really did ask the question, “Are you smarter than a sixth grader?” Ten video recorded sixth graders asked the questions. I thought that that was a cute touch, but we only did so-so on this round. That is to say, we missed a couple. The second round was all about mixing drinks and here we were flawless, go figure. The third round was a visual one. We had to guess the musical group from a picture of the cover art from one of their albums. The trick was that the cover art was rendered in Lego. We were perfect in this round too. Where we really fell down though was in the category of children’s literary classics, but are embarrassment was exceeded by those who should have known all of the answers, but actually did worse than us. We were better with advertising slogans and TV show themes then we were with literature. Although, we did really well in guessing who painted that famous painting. In the end, we finished in a mass tie for second. Just like in elementary school, there were no losers.

Today was a particularly wet and dreary day. I’m glad that not only did we get in a bicycle ride yesterday, but we also got the leaves raked. Our first round of leaf pickup is this week. The only thing of note that we did today, was to do the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. Today was so un-photogenic that I’m reaching back several weeks to that beautiful day that we spent at Shaw Nature Reserve. I’ve already published one line of tamarack trees here. Today’s photo shows a neighboring line of tamaracks.

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