Midsummer Night’s Eve

Midsummer Night's Eve Backdrop

Midsummer Night’s Eve Backdrop

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.

This verse is the beginning of Puck’s final soliloquy in Shakespeare’s comedy, “Midsummer Night’s Eve”. The play is over and Puck is saying goodnight to the audience. The preceding hours, ones full of love, foolishness, and magic are now past. After the applause the house lights come up and we the audience file out of the theater and into a cold November night. It is not midsummer’s eve outside, although the moon is still close to full. All of summer is now gone. Even fall is beginning to lose its grip as we find ourselves racing pell-mell down towards the other solstice, the darker, bleaker solstice of winter.

I questioned why the Rep had chosen this play to produce, what it being performed out of season. Anne first remarked that the Rep doesn’t run in the summer, which is true. Then later she mentioned that most of this production’s run had occurred in the run-up to All Hallows Eve. Now there is a tie-in that I can understand and would have gotten right-off, if we had seen the play a week earlier. Its costumes and merriment fit right in with the spirit of Halloween, but one week hence and forever looking forward, while going sixty, I did not make this connection, because it was already receding in my rearview mirror.

The photo with this post is a picture of a picture that was on display in the folia. It accurately captures the current season and is suggestive of the woods in the actual set, but they are different. Maybe it was someone’s existing picture that inspired the concept for the set? I don’t know, but I like its perfect symmetry, except for the moon, whose light, which oddly is also symmetric. The picture is like a pair, both the same, except that one casts the light that they both reflect.

Friday night was date night, with dinner and a show. Me and my baby both played dress-up. My costume included a sports coat, while hers a skirt. Dinner at CJ Muggs was fine, but later, when I fell asleep in the first act the date went south. I woke up during intermission and stayed awake and enjoyed the second act, but the damage had been done, for which I am truly sorry, dear.

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That we have but slumbered here
And let these visions disappear.

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