Eat My Shorts!

Lisa and Bart Simpson Checker Set

Lisa and Bart Simpson Checker Set

Rey arrived in town on Thursday night and we all trooped out to a sports bar to watch the Cardinals lose and be eliminated by the Giants. I guess, I’ll just have to root for the Royals now in the World Series. Friday morning, I went to work, while Anne and Rey journeyed across the river to see Cahokia Mounds. They picked the perfect day to be outside on. Friday night, I actually cooked and it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. I made a chicken stew.

Today, Anne and I went bicycling in Forest Park, while Rey worked on his take home exam. Rey is a graduate student now at the University of Tennessee. He is going for a master in library science. Anne and I kept getting separated on our bike ride. The first time was due to conflicting opinions about how to navigate around the ongoing road repair work on Wydown. We eventually rejoined in the park at Wydown. The second time we got lost was in Kennedy Forest. I got ahead of her and although I thought we both knew where we were both going, I was mistaken. Anne eventually called me and we arranged a rendezvous.

After we got back, we took Rey out to lunch at Blueberry Hill. It was crowded and we had to wait for a table, but fortune smiled upon us and we got the best table in the house, the one with an inlaid Scrabble board. The waitress brought the pieces and we all had a go at it. Anne and Rey have been playing Scrabble with each other seemingly every waking hour, but this one game will be enough for me. The photo with this post is from one of Joe Edward’s many display cases of pop culture memorabilia at Blueberry Hill.

After lunch Rey wanted to visit Bellefontaine Cemetery. This is one of the older cemeteries in town. It is chock full of famous dead people, like William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame. Rey wanted to see the grave of one Christ von der Ahe, who is famous in baseball circles. He was an early baseball team owner in Saint Louis. He is credited for introducing beer and hot dogs to baseball and for popularizing the game among the working classes. Before him, baseball was an elitist game more along the lines of cricket. As interesting at that sounded, I wasn’t up for going to a cemetery, so Anne and Rey went by themselves. This decision turned out well, because Dave showed up before they got back home. Anne and Rey almost got locked in at the cemetery tonight.

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