I Saw an Osprey Today

Juvenile Osprey From Vermont

Juvenile Osprey From Vermont

I saw an osprey today. Not the feathered kind, as pictured in the photo above. That photograph was taken in Vermont years ago, but of the rotorcraft kind. I was leaving work for the day and while walking across the parking lot, I heard the whump-whump-whump sound of what I thought at the time was a helicopter. It seemed to be coming from the airport, which isn’t too surprising. So, I paid it no more heed, got into my car and drove away. When I was merging onto the highway, I heard another loud noise that I first took to be the muffler of the car that I was trying to merge around. As it turns out, I was under the running-rabbit at the end of the runway and that noise that I had heard was a Boeing V-22 Osprey taking off right above me. I saw it after it had passed over me. It was headed south too, but it soon outpaced me and disappeared into the clutter. I didn’t try to take a picture of it while I was driving, hence the use of the feathered ospreys.

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  1. Awesome! I really miss the airshows that used to be held at Bishop Airport – the last one was just a couple of days before Janet was born in 1989…. so I didn’t get to go… Fran stayed with me and Jim and Jack went to the airshow (I was SOOOO jealous, but sooooo uncomfy at that time) – and I think they may have taken Val? Fran & I did hang out on the back deck for a bit and saw the F-16 do its spectacular vertical climb and watched as some of the aircraft did their turn-abouts over the house as they did their bits for the show, so that was pretty cool in its own way, too 🙂

    • Seeing the different aircraft was the best part of those shows – I have always been fascinated by flying objects, and to this day, still rush out the door when I hear helicopters!

    • Air shows are always cool, especially when shared with family. I suspect that the V-22 had delayed its launch because of our bad weather this evening, just like I delayed my departure from work. We both left when the storms first cleared, serendipity.

      • I guess that it is for moments like this that I’m still willing to put up with all the bullshit at work. I still love to make jets!

  2. When Marine One and its escort flew low over my building downtown it made the whole building shudder in ways I wouldn’t thing a 13 story building would, I can’t imagine what a V-22 would feel like.

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