Broken Glass, Again

Baccarat Boat Figurehead

Baccarat Boat Figurehead

Pictured is a portion of a fine piece of Baccarat glass art that I photographed, while visiting the Corning Museum of Glass this summer, in upstate New York. It shows a Pan like figurehead, on the prow of a beautiful glass boat. Not shown is an equally fabulous glass table that the boat sits upon in the museum. This piece was made in 1900 for the Paris world’s fair of that year. It would be a tragedy of the first order if this stunning glass artwork were to shatter.

I tell myself all this to help put into context my personal disappointment tonight when the newly replaced back glass on my iPhone shattered, again. I had just gotten it fixed on Sunday and less than a week later it is already broken again. I had sat on it and heard the tale tell crunch of broken glass. The phone was in my back jeans pocket. I am really good at not leaving it there when I sit down, but it was raining out and I was in a hurry. I have sat on this phone before, in the very same car seat, without any negative repercussions, but that was with the phone’s original gorilla glass. In the past these butt dials were done sans case, but tonight the phone was in a case, just not that awful Otter Box. The long and the short of it is that I don’t think that the phone should have broken again so easily and I am going to complain to Fox Paw about it tomorrow. Even if I can’t get any satisfaction from them, I still will likely avail myself of their services again. I have a coupon for a 10% discount at least and there may then soon be an Otter Box in my future. Please stay tuned for more of this saga, dear friends.

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