Doing 22 in a 15

Anne on the Deck of Our New York Vacation Home

Anne on the Deck of Our New York Vacation Home

I was clocked this morning doing 22 in a 15 MPH zone. I was at work, on company property, where as part of the company’s new safety program, “Go for Zero”, they are cracking down on speeding. Now personally, I think that 15 MPH is a ridiculously too low speed limit for the roads around the plant. That speed limit would take me over four minutes for the one mile loop from the south gate to the north gate. Normally, when I see one of those “This Is Your Speed” signs flashing, I slowdown in my car, but on my bike, I speed up. The problem is that 15 MPH is just not a challenge at all.

This morning, one of the Allied Barton Fink Keystone Cops at work was “taking pictures” of me with a radar gun. He flagged me down, gave me the bad news, took my name and then let me off with just a warning. I’m guessing that this Barney Fife must have left his one bullet in his other shirt. I had contemplated telling him, “But sir, I was racing to work on a matter of utmost importance for National Security. I had to get my butt in my seat ASAP for God, the country and the company.” Instead, I chose to go with a stony silence. It seemed to work well enough, because after all I got off.

I imagine that the next time that this occurs, I’ll get a ticket. It won’t be a real ticket, just a company ticket. My boss will get an email and that will be it. Now the time after that will result in the loss of a day’s pay, but I don’t expect it to go that far. There are other corrective actions that I could take, besides just slowing down. Since the guard is only out there at shift change, I could just show up late for work. The only other thing that I would like to point out is that all of the guards drive white Prius, while my Prius is black. I’m just saying!

I chose the above photo of Anne, besides it showing her looking cuter than a bug in a rug, because she also looks like she is ready to play role model for her job today as preschool Nap Nazi. You Vill take a nap! When I asked her how her day had gone she complained about her less than desirable role today. I guess that is why she is not smiling too much in the photograph.

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