Blue Angels Redux

Blue Angels - Fab Four - Bumper-to-Bumper

Blue Angels – Fab Four – Bumper-to-Bumper

Someone has been calling out for some Blue Angels imagery and I still have tons of photos to share. They were in Saint Louis last May and we journeyed out to Spirit of Saint Louis Airport to see them fly. Their show runs about two hours, which is longer than I had expected that it would last. There are a total of six airplanes in the show, five F-18 Hornets, A-models I believe and a C-130 Hercules named Fat Albert.

Blue Angels - Full Five

Blue Angels – Full Five

Of the five Hornets they are all not equal. Number one is the squadron leader. One through four actually performs most of the show only as a foursome. The fifth one shows up mid-show from behind the crowd with a deafening roar. All of the babies begin to cry. The fifth guy never did any of the fancier formations. There is a sixth pilot. He acts as the master of ceremonies. He is pictured below. Looking him up on the program he is the first alternate pilot.

First Alternate Blue Angel

First Alternate Blue Angel

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