The Mountain Came Out Today

Snow-Capped Mount Rainier

Snow-Capped Mount Rainier

My three colleagues, Jack Bauer, Mister Hanky and Laura Croft, not their real names, just ones they picked, and I have survived our second day of working together, here in Seattle. I can’t really discuss what we are doing here for work, but I can tell you what we are doing when we’re not working. We took three breaks today, coffee (this is Seattle after all), lunch and dinner. Do you see a theme here? It is food related. We walked to the container Starbucks that I had visited the day before. It’s a busy street, but there are plenty of things to see along it. The rain had cleared off and the day continued to brighten. We saw an Anna’s hummingbird darting among the rafters, both on our way out and on our return. Laura had decreed that today was Thai Tuesday, so we went to CP Thai for lunch, hence the Buddha. Lunch was forgettable, but dinner at the Melrose Grill was not. We almost all enjoyed the beef. I would tell you more, but I was drinking Amnesia Crystal Red and I cannot remember any more.

This is Laura’s first business trip, so she has been getting some ribbing from the other older hands, even Jack with his one other trip under his belt, feels like a relatively old hand. I must confess that I too participated in this bit of hazing, when it came to the mountain. Mount Rainier is a sight that I have only seen twice before today, so I was somewhat skeptical when she first announce that she had seen the mountain. Dodging in and out of traffic, whenever she saw it, none of us could confirm her sighting before it ducked behind a building or a truck. Turning south after lunch though, it was plain to see that she was both lucky and right. She had seen the mountain.

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