The Annunciation

The Annunciation, 1712, Paolo de Matteis

The Annunciation, 1712, Paolo de Matteis

Anne took the photograph of this painting the last time we visited the Saint Louis Art Museum. Harry, her father collects instances of this popular biblical scene. While, we are sharing it for him, it is also topical in this Christmas season. Here is what the museum says about it:

In this scene from the biblical New Testament, the archangel Gabriel arrives bearing news that the Virgin Mary will bear a child, the infant Jesus. Clouds beneath the messenger, his accompanying winged cherubs, and a golden glow, make it clear that he is divine. A dove in the golden aura near the top of the canvas symbolizes God sending the child into Mary’s womb. The artist used soft colors and delicate forms to evoke a sense of poetic ideal.

Dave landed in town tonight. He had been in Colorado with some of his Rochester friends. They did sled-hiking there. You hike up the hill and then sled down the other side. We had a nice family dinner at the Bottleworks. Dan knew the waitress. The boys are going out again, to meet a pair of sisters for drinks. The girls are at the zoo now, but they get out soon.

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