The Spermbots Are Cuming

Robby the Robot

Robby the Robot

Lookout ladies! The next guy you hookup with could be cyberneticly enhanced or at least his sperm might be. “How do you control a spermbot? Stick its head in a tube.” is the title of a new scientific article. German scientists, they had to be German scientists, took bull sperm, mixed in some nanotubes, and what did they get? Why the very first spermbot, of course. Eventually, these biobots could be used to shepherd individual sperm to eggs or to deliver targeted doses of drugs. So says this article in New Scientist. They are actually metallic spermbots. The nanotubes can be steered using magnetic fields, guiding individual sperm cells to their final destination. One can find an instructional sex video on this subject below.

I have a couple of questions about this research. How do the little buggers finally get their heads out of these tubes? I mean it doesn’t do any good to be the first one to arrive at an egg and not be able to fertilize it, because you are wearing a nano condom. I don’t think that the scientists have totally thought through this portion of the process. My other question is directed at the ladies. Do you really want one of you precious eggs fertilized, grown to term and then to raise a child from a sperm cell that was wearing a dunce cap? I mean really, it can’t be the brightest ones in the bunch that stick their heads in these nanotubes.

The photo of Robby the Robot has also been cyberneticly enhanced through Photoshop. This prop was shown at a science fiction exhibit at the Seattle EMP Museum. Robby first appeared in the 1956 Sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet.

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