Dawn Patrol

Fisheye View of the Grand Basin from Atop Art Hill

Fisheye View of the Grand Basin from Atop Art Hill

Memorial Day weekend is here, at least mine is finally here. Other people (You know who you are.) had skipped out of work days earlier. I knew that today’s workforce would be lighter than normal, when I pulled into my parking space at work. The lot was unusually empty, but not as empty as it was when I left work. Many of those that did make it into work showed up late and left early. I had the fortitude to make it through the work day, because I rode in the park this morning. I woke up at five this morning, to a cacophony of predawn birds, chirping through our open bedroom window. I could have just snug the comforter tighter and rolled over and gone back to sleep, but instead I got up and journeyed down to our now quite dry basement (Yea for the sump pump!) and rode out into the dawn’s early light. It was a cool (45° F), crisp, calm, clear morning. I rode east, squinting into the rising sun.

I followed my regular course until I reached the far end of the park, then I began to ramble around somewhat aimlessly about the park. I ended up touring a selection of venues for this weekend’s entertainment: The Science Center is opening a new exhibit on ancient Egypt this weekend. The African Arts Festival is at the Worlds Fair Pavilion this weekend. Finally, this year’s Shakespeare Festival premieres Twelfth Night tonight. These were just the possibilities within the park’s environs. Researching this post by way of checking the paper, I found a number of other possibilities: There is the Greek Festival for vittles. I’m sure that the garden has something going on too. Trailnet has their Great Pizza Ride on Monday. There is a blues festival downtown. We won’t need to drive hundreds of miles this holiday, I’m sure Anne and I will find lots of fun things to do about town.

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  1. And here in Washington I wonder how many are changing their plans since the main highway has a missing link.

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