The Glass Forest

The Glass Forest, by Dale Chihuly

The Glass Forest, by Dale Chihuly

The photo with this post is of a Dale Chihuly artwork entitled, the Glass Forest. We saw it on display last fall at Chihuly Garden and Glass, located in the shadow of the Space Needle. The following is part of the museum’s write-up:

The Glass Forest elements were crafted by simultaneously blowing and pouring molten glass from the top of a stepladder to the floor, where the deflated bubbles solidify. The glass stalks or stems are arranged in an enclosed space and illuminated with electrically charged neon and argon lamps. With their globular collapsed bases and gracefully ascending stalks, they are both shaped by and also seem to defy gravity.

After work today, I went for another bike ride in Forest Park, for the fourth day in a row. It was just a short little out and back. The weather was warm and windy. There was a lot of debris in the streets, from last night’s downpour.

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