Field Museum

Sue the T-Rex at the Field Museum

Sue the T-Rex at the Field Museum

Today’s main event was supposed to be the Field Museum, but even though we spent a ton of time there, I think that it got upstaged with walking around town. We walked a lot today. We walked to breakfast. We walked to the Field Museum. We walked to lunch. We walked to the L. We walked up Michigan Ave to the Water Tower and then we walked back again. I have no estimate on mileage, but I feel sore afterwards now and I think that Anne does too.

The Field Museum wasn’t near as crowded as the Chicago Art Institute was yesterday. Yesterday being a Sunday and today being a Monday probably has a lot to do with that. We had bought the Chicago City Pass yesterday, so both museums were covered under that. I’ve been to the Field plenty of times before, so there was not as much there that was new to me as there was in the art museum. The Field had a new exhibit on bioluminescence that Anne really liked, but it didn’t do all that much for me. It also had a 3D movie on the finding and unearthing of Sue the T-Rex and her hypothesized life story. I’m guessing that the 3D effect may have run its course if it is now appearing in museum movies. The real dinosaurs are still there as I remember them and I think that that is still my favorite exhibit in the Field Museum.

We were going to also visit the Shedd Aquarium, it too is part of the City Pass deal, but I was tired of museums by then. We’ll go there tomorrow. We stopped for a late lunch at a really cool restaurant called Eleven City Diner that we really liked, but I’ll save it for another post. After lunch we ventured onto the L, twice and during rush hour. Our hotel is in Printers Row that puts us near the southeast corner of the Loop. That’s where we first boarded the L. We took it to State & Lake or the northeast corner. From there we walked up Michigan Ave. and back. Back at the Loop, we first got on the wrong train and were about to head out to Oak Park, when we realized our mistake. We found the right train and made it back to our starting point. Next time we’ll try it off rush hour.

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  1. I have never been on the El (elevated train), but have driven alongside a number of times en route to my brother’s place. A bit envious of Chicago’s mass transit, while SE MI has to deal with buses that are mostly empty and expressways that are mostly packed.

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