Eleven City Diner

We have been trying to be good. Chicago has always been known as the city of broad shoulders, but more recently big guts. The problem here is that there is an inexhaustible supply of good restaurants. When we set out for breakfast yesterday morning we had a particular restaurant in mind, but such thoughts tend to flit in and out of our conciseness with ease. When we arrived at the 1100 block of south Michigan Ave there was a breakfast restaurant there and we went in and sat down. The place was called Yolk and they specialized in Eggs Benedict, one of my favorites. It was only after we were sitting that we learned that the place that we had originally sought was one block over on Wabash. I guess that the yolk was on us.

We eventually made it to the Eleven City Diner for a late lunch. The place is one part diner and one part Jewish deli (Chicago style not NYC).  Anne and I split one of Rubin’s Reubens. Remember, we are trying to be good here? The food was good and the ambience excellent. I highly recommend the place. Sitting at our table, I noticed the US map with what appeared to be Hebrew lettering and then looked at the mirror above the bar.

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