Chihuly Persian Ceiling #2

Chihuly Persian Ceiling Panel #2

Chihuly Persian Ceiling Panel #2

With this photo, I hope to add a little color to another drab day. It was taken at the Chihuly Museum in Seattle. It is part of Chihuly’s famous Persian Ceiling piece. Suspended on posts are sheets of clear plate-glass. Arranged on these plates are a myriad of individual glass pieces that together make up this art work. The piece is segmented by steel cross bars into a series of panels. It is a fantastic art piece, but it also guaranteed to give the viewer a stiff neck if looked at too long, because one is force to look straight up at it.

It was fun visiting Seattle and also Lopez Island last fall. That was our last get away vacation. We plan on visiting Chicago, but today Storm Saturn dumped up to a foot of snow on it.  This will be a chance to judge the effectiveness of Rahm Emanuel as mayor. In Chicago, clearing the snow is job one. One that will get you fired if you don’t do it well.

It is a good thing that we decided not to go to Washington DC. Not because of Saturn, but because of sequestration. Our plans there involved tours of the Capitol Building and the White House. It was announced today that because of sequestration, all of these tours are being cancelled.

We got a delivery from Lands End today. I got a pale green, long sleeve, button down shirt. Boring! Yes, I know, but I’ll wear it this week, when customers come a calling. When I told Anne my plans, she asked, if I was going to wear a sports jacket too. I had to explain to her the etiquette of engineering haûte couture. You cannot wear a sports coat unless you are presenting. I won’t be presenting, so I cannot wear a coat. There are fashion rules, don’t you know.

My explanation of the rules reminded her of a similar incident from her Corps of Engineers days. At a luncheon, on a non-uniform day, Anne noticed that the lieutenants wore Polo shirts, the captains wore dress shirts and a sweater and the majors wore a dress shirt and a jacket. All except for one captain, he was wearing a dress shirt, sweater and a jacket. His apparent fashion faux pas was made clear when his wife appeared and the colonel handed him his oak leaves, promoting him to major.

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