Ode in Blood

Dan sent the many photos displayed in this post’s gallery. They show the movie set that he has been working on for the past several weeks. The film is a graduate thesis project at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, in Orange County, CA. The film is called “Ode in Blood“. Here is a synopsis of this motion picture:

Ekwueme (E.K.) is a West African immigrant who needs money to bring his family safely to America. He gets a job as a handy-man, working for a very traditional and stoic Ensō Tanaka, who pays him handsomely for seemingly menial tasks. The two men begin to develop a bond that is put to the test when Ensō asks E.K. to help him commit hara-kiri: Japanese ritualistic suicide. E.K. must decide if he will fulfill Ensō’s wish; a wish that goes against everything that E.K. believes in, but that will promise to bring him what he wants most in this world: his family.

Most of the photographs are of the sets, while they were under construction. Some of the photos show the back of the set’s walls and how they were constructed. The final picture shows a camera shot of a finished set. One of the actors, I’m guessing that it is Ensō, is seen in this shot. I believe that this production shot was taken on the part of the set depicted in the Movie Set photo #8. I think that the two mirrors were transformed to look like the louvered windows. A pair of doors that Dan worked on are shown in photo #7. The following video is the teaser for this film. The movie is due out in May. I believe that it will be released on the Internet.

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