Yarn Bombing

Hello World - Yarn Bombed Seattle House

Hello World – Yarn Bombed Seattle House

Last September, we flew to Seattle for Robyn and Teresa’s wedding. Our flights out were of that category from hell. One of my last memories of that night was of speeding up the five at 4 AM, in the backseat of a Prius cab. We finally crash landed at Jay & Carl’s and then knew no more.

The next morning dawned all too early and way too bright. Dawn was only slightly mitigated awaking in Seattle, while coming from the Midwest. Jay had gone to work already and Carl had a morning errand to attend, so our first steps back to consciousness thankfully did not have to also include sociability. Carl returned about the time that we had figured out how to make coffee. The morning paper had a picture of this yarn bombed house on its front page. Anne being interested in all things knitting expressed some interest in seeing this house. Carl thought he knew where it was and voilá, it was the first stop on the day’s itinerary. Afterwards, Carl eventually took us to many more wonders in this the great city of Seattle.

This house was the new storefront of Ada’s Technical Books. I assume that the Ada referenced here is Ada Lovelace, child of Lord Byron and one of the founders of computer science. This Capitol Hill store decided to announce itself with this knit cozy surrounding the front of the house. The artist, Luke Haynes created a unique art installation that is a bright mishmash of many different quilts sewn together with the words “Hello World” stitched across the front.

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  1. Cool! It is such a vicarious pleasure to see your photos of not just the “normal” stuff, but also the unusual (at least what is not seen in typical SE MI suburbia). This one was a 😀

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