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Anne substituted for the middle/high school choir director today. She didn’t sing, not even after I warmed her up with my own special lyrics to “Saint Louis Blues”. I think that I persisted in my singing a wee bit too long, because she seemed a little hot under the collar when she left for school. She didn’t sing at school, but some of the students sang to her. After school, I asked her how her day went. She said that after the middle school students in the morning, the high school students were like butter. All in all, it sounded like she has a pretty good day at school.

I had an interesting day too. Isn’t that an old Chinese curse, may you live in interesting times? I got a new project at work. So far it has entailed lots of meetings. I didn’t get a chance to eat lunch until two today. This project does offer some opportunity to travel to Seattle. Don’t worry Jay and Carl, business travel always comes with its own room and a car. Renovate to your heart’s content. I don’t have any idea about when or how much travel will be involved, because I haven’t drawn up any project schedule yet.

I did manage to squeeze in a noon time walk today. I missed walking the Barbara tribute walk with Dan, because of too many damn meetings. Barb hasn’t passed away, but is in a much better place, retirement. I got an email from her today. So, I walked with my iPhone. I listened to the first part of Slate’s Culture Gabfest, a podcast that I like to listen to. It conked out halfway through, because the new Apple Podcast App doesn’t function as well as the Music App did, when it handled podcasts too. I also have a complaint about how Apple’s App Store now functions or doesn’t. I miss Steve Jobs. I did get to hear the Culture Gabfest’s article on 2012 movies and two of the three commentators picked “Pitch Perfect” as their favorite movie of the year, with the caveat that it is not going to be one of tomorrow’s Oscar contenders. I saw that it was available on Amazon and what with Anne’s day, I knew that we had to watch it tonight.

“Pitch Perfect” is a 2012 coming of age musical comedy that is set at a college instead of a high school. Think of it as a better, funnier season of “Glee” condensed into a single double-episode. The competitions come with great over the top commentary, predictable plotting and more than a few show-stoppers numbers.

Several performers, especially Rebel Wilson, think “Bridesmaids”, look like future comedy stars. Ms. Wilson’s character’s name speak volumes; ‘You call yourself Fat Amy?’ gasps one of the other girls. ‘Yeah, so twig bitches like you don’t do it behind my back.’ If you fancy a musical comedy that’s lighter than a soufflé, rent this one now.

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