Should I Write My Congressman?

African Daisy

African Daisy

Should I write a letter to my congressman? Son, your congressman has two ends, a thinking end and a sitting end and since, his whole success depends upon his seat, why bother friend.

– E.Y. Harburg

The fiscal cliff is a Republican problem. They own it and it is about time that they man-up and fix it. Man-up is apt, because almost all of these recalcitrant Republicans are men. The Republican congressional delegation is so cowardly that they are willing to launch this county into another recession just to save their own damn seats.

Why are they so afraid? Well every election, only about sixty of the House’s seats are in play. The rest are all ‘safe’ seats. By safe I meaning that any given congressional district is either safely Republican or safely Democratic. Decades of gerrymandering have put paid to this outcome. Safely Republican though does not mean safely incumbent. In recent years, the Tea Party movement has accelerated the radicalization of the Republican right. Angry white men have elected these fools and now they are more than satisfied to see our country careen off this impending cliff. Maybe then they can realize some return on investment for all of their guns?

Leading the House is John Boehner, the cowardly lion. Cry me a river, John. He is the biggest scaredy cat in Congress. He is more afraid of losing his Speakership than to he is of governing our nation. I would be happier having Toonces drive than him. At least there is a cat with the courage of its convictions. I’m guessing now, since even Boehner’s Plan B has failed, we can all consider ourselves officially knocked-up. You all know what I mean. I don’t believe that we’ll see any Cliff Note’s quick resolutions this week or next. That’s too much reason to hope for in this ever-present political silly season that we now live in. Come January though, when all of our paychecks have been lightened, then is when we’ll see some heat on the seats of our US congressmen.

Women, if it weren’t for them, there would be no civilization.

UPDATE: To make matters worse, on Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Geithner announced that on New Years Eve our country will hit the debt ceiling. We all remember how much fun that debate was last year. Its so called resolution is now part of the current fiscal cliff debacle. This whole scenario reads like a B-movie thriller. Just when you don’t think that it can get any worse, it does.

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  1. E.Y. Harburg. wrote lyrics for ‘Over the Rainbow’. And I might not have all the details right, but one or more of his kids owned the Del Rio bar in A2 and the $$ from Over the Rainbow funded a lot of the expenses for the bar that was run/owned as a co-op. Or something like that.

  2. I met him once when JLO (Junior Light Opera) produced The Wizard of Oz at Commie High. The local connection may explain why he was there.

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