Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Red Cabin Sunset

Red Cabin Sunset

Boxing Day is traditionally the day following Christmas Day, when servants would receive gifts from their superiors. Since they would have to wait on their masters on Christmas Day, the servants of the wealthy were allowed the next day off. In Britain, it was a custom for servants to collect “Christmas boxes” on the day after Christmas as thanks for good service throughout the year. – Wiki

Our Boxing Day started all too early. Anne’s ducks started a-quacking just when I thought that I had another hour or two. I had gone to the dentist last week and took the opportunity then to schedule appointments for the boys. Unfortunately, the only time that was available was at 8 AM on Boxing Day. I placed their appointment cards in their Christmas stockings. Our snow never really materialized, except for a light dusting. If it had snowed like it was originally forecasted that would have provided legitimate cover to cancel, rollover and go back to sleep. So, the boys and I trooped out to West County. Afterwards, I felt so bad that I sprung for breakfast at Bread Co. There I apologized, but Dave said, “I don’t blame you, Dad, I blame Mom.” He probably said that because she wasn’t there. Dan chimed in with, “I blame Obama.” 😉

As tough as it was for me to haul myself out of bed, it had to be tougher on the boys. They were heading out to a midnight showing of Les Mis, when I was headed to bed. We had all enjoyed a great Christmas dinner and the four of us, plus Joanie had sat around the TV and watched my Christmas DVD, Premium Rush. This is the Joseph Gordon-Levitt bicycle messenger movie, set in Manhattan. It was in theaters last August and Dan, Anne and I had seen it then, but I really wanted to see it again. Joanie hadn’t seen it before, but kept asking for plot developments to be explained before their time. We ended up playing with her.

Anne had a couple of doctor appointments of her own this morning too. They were a visit with the knee specialist and some hand PT. This is some of the continuing fallout from her bicycle accident last month. In the movie, Premium Rush, numerous bike accidents are dramatized. Without exception all of the accident victims are up and riding again, often within seconds. Even Gordon-Levitt’s climatic crash doesn’t slow him down. His real life accident, where he had crashed through the back window of a taxi during filming didn’t stop him either, although, he did have to go to the emergency room for that one.

Speaking of the emergency room, the bills for Anne’s initial emergency room visit are in now. It is a good thing that we have good health insurance. In addition to the medical bills, several letters have appeared, all offering to pursue liability claims on her behalf. Some computer program must have scanned Anne’s accident report, found in it the keywords, “bicycle”, “car” and “accident” and decided that there might me a case to pursue here. It was a parked car.

Our Christmas was lovely. We were all together, we all received nice presents and our dinner was quite the success. This year, we decided to kick it up a notch. Anne found a Emeril Lagasse recipe in the Saturday Evening Post. We made a turkey roulade with peach and sage gravy. Our deboned turkey was stuffed with the recipe’s dressing, rolled together and tied up with string. Accompanying this dish were sides of roasted potatoes and a pomegranate and pear salad. Joanie brought a delicious selection of cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory. Yum!

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