Ayn Hand

Janet Leigh’s hand from the shower scene in Psycho displayed on the big screen at the EMP

Anne had her hand surgery on Thursday. According to the surgeon, everything went well and Anne should retain at least 90% of her original range of motion. She now has two pins in her right pinky. They’ll remain for a month. When the surgeon showed me the instant X-rays, not to be confused with Instagram, it showed two knitting needle long pins crossed within her little finger. He said that he clipped them and his do not open until Christmas, gauze bandages tend to corroborate this. Even so, two pairs of Frankenstein like bolts will protrude through the skin.

Throughout Anne’s ordeal, I was amazed at the thorough and comprehensive nature of her medical treatment. This is the first time that either of us have been involved in such an invasive procedure, silver snake rides aside. There must have been a dozen people who attended to her. After this experience there is no doubt in my mind why healthcare costs have increased so much.

As movie officiandoes should have noticed, I PhotoShopped the image of Janet Leigh’s hand. In the movie she used her left hand for this shot, but Anne injured her right hand. A good body double needs to be able to subsume her identity to the person they are substituting.

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