Pilobolus Program Cover

After Anne’s bicycle accident, I became the designated patron of the arts and accompanied Joanie to the Dance Saint Louis concert at the Touhill (still the best achievement of Missouri state government, in the thirty years that I have lived here) on Saturday night. The dance troupe Pilobolus, one of the season’s highlights, was in town from NYC. Named after a fungi, Pilobolus succeeds in showing some fun, with its nearly all guy cast.

The most fun piece was “All Is Not Lost”, which was originally created with the band OK Go. The stage is set as a split-screen. On the left-hand side is a large screen video projection of the dance that occurs on stage right. The camera is on the floor, pointed up and looking through a glass table top. This dance piece is like a Busby Berkeley-esque music video. Here is the OK Go music video, it shows only the camera’s POV, but adds more production values than were available on stage.

Sunday has been a quiet day. Anne is getting around better than she was yesterday, the drugs seem to be helping. The swelling in her pinky has gone down some, conversely her soon to be many bruises are starting to come in. While the drugs help with her pain and stiffness, they also make it difficult for her to concentrate on her school work. Speaking of school, whether or not she feels up for school tomorrow, is the big question ahead of us now.

I went for a bike on Sunday afternoon, all alone this time. The weather had already begun to shift from Saturday’s record high to Monday’s expected freeze. It was very windy today, something about the gales of November coming early. I kept getting leaves blown into my spokes, which would then proceed to clickety-clack away, a steady metronome for company, on a grey November afternoon.

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