Liberal schadenfreude is way out of control here, hee hee

O’s Middle Finger Salute

I’ll bet you that Anne wishes she had enough digital dexterity left to give me this one-finger salute too. I prefer to take this reaction as a sure sign of improving health and not as any fallout from my bedside manner. Maybe I was a wee bit too effusive in my praise of the pilobolus dance concert last night. The one that she was supposed to have gone to, but was too injured to attend. Then again, maybe it was my rather lackluster attempt to piece lyrics together to my one-off song, The Wreck of the Annie Fitzgerald. I just think that she is tired and sore and doing the best that she can.

I do believe that this picture of Obama has not been shopped. There is an original looking instance under the Washington Post’s byline and there is another similar one involving his other hand and the opposite side of his head. Apparently, our President has a tick for stroking his temple with his middle finger. I don’t think that anyone should take it personally, but a boat load will and many already have.

It has been a great week, a week to party. Adding Florida to the mix only helped to lengthen the celebration. Now it is time to buckle down and govern. Although, I can’t wait to see how the senseless partisan squabbling marches ever onward. It would be nice if we could just all get along.

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