1 Million Miles = 1 Smile

The Silver Sea

I’d go a million miles for one of your smiles, My Annie!

Anne left in the morning to campaign for Senator Claire McCaskill (D). I busied myself with arranging stuff and setting the basement back up the way we had it before the big dig. I had finished up with that and had just changed to go bicycling, when Anne called. She had locked the keys in the car. In my bike duds, I drove out to way west county (east KC) and rescued her.

Returning home, and still being dressed to go cycling, I went for a ride in the park. It was a bit on the cold and raw side of things, a true late fall or early winter ride. The park was relatively empty, except for the rugby players. I guess that it was their kind of weather too, a leather balls day.

I rode alone, the way that I always used to. I rode today with earbuds in, listening to podcasts, lost in my own little world. I know that biking with head phones is a safety concern. I knew that before I read about it on Slate this week. Full disclosure requires me to say that last weekend’s three vehicular near misses did involve earbuds. In my defense, I was always aware of the offending vehicles. The problem was that either they didn’t respect my road rights or more generously weren’t aware of me. I saw them, but they didn’t see nor hear me. This Vimeo movie, “3-Way”, gives an interesting record at just one NYC intersection of the interplay between cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles.  This video is kind of a non sequitur, but I loved its video game graphics.

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