Super Raggedy Anne

Raggedy Anne at Point Iroquois Lighthouse

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me. – Stuart Smalley

I took this picture with the afore thought of using it to write about Anne. I uploaded it when she began her current long-term substitute position, anticipating a major meltdown. I post it now, because I am married to a super heroine, albeit one with unusual super powers. “Stupid”, was her word, but I think that different is more accurate. She has not failed, but rather is thriving.

Anne is settling in well with her fourth grade long-term substitute assignment. She successfully navigated last week’s field trip to the Arch. No child left behind and a whole lot of great education came to pass. This post centers about an incident that occurred in a subsequent teacher’s meeting, between Anne and the other three fourth grade teachers.

Long term friends and certainly relatives should be familiar with Anne’s proclivity with prime numbers. Apparently this talent also extends to her ability to recite from memory obscure, eleven character alpha-numeric passwords. Anne and the other three teachers were meeting and needed to access a password protected file. Much to the amazement of her co-workers, Anne was able to recite said password from memory.

Anne gave her kids a quiz on the explorers section that they have been working on in social studies. One of the questions asked the students, “Which continent was Marco Polo born on?” The correct answer was Europe, but a distressingly large number of the pupils answered Italy. She later decided that either they misunderstood the question, or they didn’t read it very carefully. I say it is better to be in country than to be in continent.

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