The Big Dig

We finished cleaning out the basement on Sunday morning. The plumbers come today. We have moved all of our stuff out of the agreed upon work areas. Some of it went to the garage and some went out with the trash, but most of it has been put away in the one room of the basement that will not be affected. The plumbers will jack hammer the concrete of the basement’s floor, from one end to the other, plus a few lateral lines. Then they will hand dig up the old pipes, once uncovered they are expected to smell.

We are only expecting a one day interruption of service and hopefully only during the day. Once excavated, the old pipe will be removed, new PVC pipe laid, inspected and then covered. New concrete will be poured sealing the trenched holes. That is the inside work. Outside, a six-foot deep and long trench will be dug, this time with a back hoe. More new pipe will be laid. Dig Right came by on Friday, so our front yard has been tagged with multicolored lines denoting each of the utilities that pass underground. Apparently, we came dangerously close to the gas line, when we had our new tree planted last year. With luck and no unexpected surprises, this job will be done on Friday.

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