Seattle Ferris Wheel and Cranes

Seattle Ferris Wheel and Cranes

I went to Micro Center on Sunday. Women, don’t ever let you man go to Micro Center unescorted. Micro Center is a warehouse sized consumer electronics store with a twist. The twist is that the help all works on commission. Like I said, don’t let him go there alone. I went there with the intension of just buying two wireless mice. Our desktop’s mouse had lost its thumb wheel and the laptop’s was totally kaput. I have been buying ‘cheap cheap’ $8 mice, but they just don’t last. This time I selected two $30 Microsoft mice. So, I got out of there for $60, right? Wrong! Ladies, I was not kidding around.

Before I left home, I had been doing some file backups. My backup drive ended up being 98% full, while my main hard-drive only had a few percent more left. Back in December hard drives were exorbitantly expensive, something about typhoons in Thailand. Trust me on this, I leaned it at Micro Center. This time around, they were not so pricy. I bought a two terra-byte drive and escaped for under $200. What did I say about men and Micro Center?

Mister Ferris’s first wheel appeared at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. It was subsequently moved to the north side of Chicago, before it reappeared at the 1904 Worlds Fair in Saint Louis. At the end of that fair, it was dynamited on site. Its remains, in particular its ten-ton hub was buried somewhere in Forest Park.

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  1. I *LOVE* shopping at MicroCenter! Just, being an hour’s drive from the only one in Michigan makes it a special event to actually go there.

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