A Master’s Salute

Lake Boats Meet at Sunset

Anne started her long-term substitute-teacher position on Monday. The regular teacher has left on maternity leave and won’t return until January. So, for the next three months, Anne will be one of the four fourth grade teachers at the elementary school. This will mean a whole lot more work for Anne, but it does come with a significant bump in pay, teacher’s pay that is. 😉

Anne was given a school Mac laptop and she already has homework. She has twenty students of her own, some of them she is still learning their names. She’ll also teach round-robin fashion two subjects, science and social studies, to some of the other classes, while other teacher(s) cover other subjects with her students. One lucky scheduling quirk is that she has first period off. The students do art, music and gym during that period.

The big difference with this assignment as opposed to her regular substitute teaching is that for next three months, she’ll be working with and teaching the same students. She will do parents-teacher conferences later this month. At the end of this month comes Halloween and a possible costume party. As a floating sub, holiday parties are one aspect of teaching that she doesn’t get to do too often. Then there is Thanksgiving and Christmas too. Whoops, I mean winter break, with traditional ethnic songs and customs. To say that Anne is very excited about all of this, would be a huge understatement. It will be a great challenge, but I sure that she is up to the task.

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