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Tuesday night I was out partying and Anne was out canvassing. Tuesday night was our night out to fight crime night, otherwise know as our block party and also known as the Ralphfest. The rest of America does their night out in August, but we have found that it is too darn hot then. This August would have been brutal for block partying. I made a version of my tabouli salad sans tabouli and substituting bag salad for parsley and cilantro. Yeah, I took a couple of shortcuts, but I hoped to paper over those with extra Greek olives. Tonight’s salad wasn’t as big a hit as past renditions, so I may have to retreat back to the tried and true. This year’s block party was a lot like past years, a chance to relearn neighbor’s names, catchup on the neighborhood gossip and learn some more Ralph lore.

Back in the day, almost thirty years ago, the Ralphfest was quite the party. Strands of bare incandescent bulbs were strung in the trees, just like in the Italian neighborhood. We even had a mascot, Ralph, actually just part of a mannequin. In lore lost to me, we had won Ralph from rival Edward, another one of the Terrace siblings.

Anne was out working, while I was home partying, but don’t feel too sorry for her, because last year, our roles were reversed. I flew home from Dayton last block party. She was canvassing for Senator Claire McCaskill (D). She went door-to-door. One of her stops was an assisted living home. Unfortunately, dinner won out over politics. According to the latest poll that I saw, Ms. McCaskill enjoys a 0.8% lead over her opponent, Todd Akin, mister legitimate rape. After the 25th, bingo point, things will change. Claire will take off her gloves and pummel Akin like the KC politician that she is. I’m going to enjoy this fight. It will be delightfully nasty.

In other news, Anne’s father called. I would not normally take such a private message public, but this one was so endearing and should not be embarrassing to any of the participants. It is quite intentionally humorous. I wish that I could give such good voicemail as Harry does.

OBTW, Happy Birthday to my BFF Noreen Speaking! 😉

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  1. The salad you made in Seattle was a huge hit, and shared with at least some of my workmates. Lisa said it was gone before lunch really started. NO SHORTCUTS!
    Love the voice mail, although I had to turn my volume up to 11.

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