Keeping Those Balls in the Air

Anne Green Rooming at KWMU

Monday should have been an easy day for her. I mean she only had a half-day of work, but it was in the morning and it involved preschoolers, double indemnity. She was horizontal on the couch when I came home and I’m pretty sure she was trying to read with her eyes closed. She is on the sixth book of Diana Gabaldon’s Scottish lass series of historical novels. Only one more to go, before she starts the next series of Gabaldon’s Scottish novels.

In the afternoon, she drove over to U City to reconnoiter the polling place she is going to work next week. It is a special election, a virtual rematch between the two Democratic candidates for State Representative for the 87th District. This special election is unusually on a Monday and not a Tuesday, begging that old saw that Democrats should vote on Monday and Republicans should vote on Tuesday. In this instance, this ‘joke’ is not election fraud, because there are no Republican ballots in this special election. The winner of this special election will ‘likely’ become our State Rep, since there was no Republican candidate.

Anne walked up to the elementary school that will be her polling place next week. The front door was locked, but she eventually got buzzed through to the office. It was a madhouse. The regular secretary had been out for two-weeks and the social worker was substituting for the sub-secretary while she was on lunch break.

Anne patiently waited until the phones subsided, then she asked her questions, where will the polls be setup and where should she park. It took a phone call to answer these questions and there were additional interruptions. A woman came in to say that a bunch of balls had been washed down to her street’s sewer grate and could someone please pick them up. The sub-sub-secretary said that it would happen.

On her way home, Anne passed this ball filled grate. She stopped, loaded all the muddy balls into her trunk and drove back to the school. This time there was a teacher herding her kids through the front door. Anne asked for help and the teacher detailed two boys to her as help. While they were unloading, the two boys observed that they had never seen any of these balls before.

Knock! Knock! U City police for Mrs. R. 😉

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