Trolls and Trollettes

Herring Gull at Asilomar State Beach

I was going to make this post another political rant, but instead I’ll offer up this cautionary tale about blogging and the perils that blogging entails. Simply put, if you keep your mouth shut, other people may think that you are an idiot, but they can’t really be certain and unless you say something dumb there is no way they can prove it.

However, if you have the temerity to write a blog, then on a regular basis you end up spewing forth on whatever subjects strike your heart. Unless you are very smart, very careful and/or very timid, eventually you’ll say something stupid. Then your idiocy becomes a matter of degree. 

I know that I have successfully demonstrated my idiocy from time to time, but my stupidity pales compared that of a professional dumb-ass. To that end I give you Mr. and Mrs. Mark Harris. During a trip to Epcot at Disney World, a couple of weeks ago, Mark Harris and his wife were offended to find a ‘Mexican’ employee working at the amusement park’s American pavilion. According to Disney this pavilion showcases the different cultures in the United States. Why should I speak for Mr. and Mrs. Harris, when she makes her points so much more succinctly in their blog. 

OK, I’m an idiot to try to sneak by you such a patently partisan story. These people happen to be Republicans. Next week, I’m sure that there will be an analogous story about some Democratic idiot. My underlying story is that such people should not be writing a blog. Doing so offers them no benefits that I can see.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t count myself in the above august company. Don’t let my above self-effacing convince you otherwise. I may occasionally write a bad blog post, but I’m not a bad blogger. I’m no great writer, but I’m not a bad blogger. I say this, because I don’t try to say hurtful things.

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