Party Balloon

California’s Hanger 1 Vodka Blimp

I had cake and ice cream at work today for my 20th anniversary. It was a low-key affair, still about forty friends turned out to wish me well and of course to eat some cake. I joked that it had taken me 32 years to get my twenty years in. I moved to Saint Louis in 1980 and consulted until 1990, when I actually hired in direct. Then in 1999, I went walk-about for a couple of years, before finally returning. I told everyone that I don’t plan on working another 32 years, I don’t even plan on working another twenty. I’m more in the single digit frame of mind now. I certainly want to hang around for my 25th, because then I not only get dessert, but I also get lunch too.

3 thoughts on “Party Balloon

  1. Love your style of writing … I seem to often have a smile (perhaps a smirk at times) whenever reading your blog. Don’t worry though … that’s a good thing! Been following for a while and you never cease to inform and/or entertain me. While you celebrated your 20 (32) years, there ought to be an award for you here as well. Hmm …

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