Paul R Tregurtha

Paul R Tregurtha

 DANGER! Go Back! Turn around! NO! … Not Here!

This picture of the lake freighter Paul R Tregurtha was taken last month at Goose Poop Park also-know-as Rotary Park. It is in the Soo, just south of Clyde’s and the Sugar Island ferry. We had just been to Clyde’s and had loaded up there for lunch. At the park, we were busy eating lunch and fending off voracious seagulls, think Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. Then upbound comes the Tregurtha. The channel is relatively narrow here, so this big boat got very up close and personal. I got up to take its picture and so did my sis-in-law Jay. She said, “I’m going to stand by you, because you always take good pictures.” I thought, ‘YES!’ Not only was this a nice complement, but this gives me tacit permission to ‘steal’ shots from her sister, my wife. “Sorry, Dear, but your sister started it. Ba-wa-wa-wa.” 😉

The Tregurtha ran aground earlier this month. It was just a little ways downstream from where this photo was taken. Well, maybe more than my Missouri colloquialism might lead you to believe. It managed to get turned sideways in the shipping channel and ran a ground both fore and aft. It was eventually toad away. According to an online shipping news it has spent the rest of this month as a veritable Flying Dutchman, wandering from one repair harbor to the next. It first dry-docked in Erie, PA then sailed all the way to Wisconsin, for more repair work.

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