OMG We’re the New FL of MO

Chipmunk on the Woodpile

Missouri held its non-presidential primaries last week. After this election, I recapped the results. I wrote the following:

Moving closer to home, our incumbent State Representative Stacey Newman (D) had a very close election with another victim of Republican gerrymandering, Susan Carlson (D). As of now, the vote count is 1823 for Newman and 1822 for Carlson. That’s right, just a one vote difference. In a percentage format, that is a 50.01% to 49.99% difference. I’m sure that there will be a recount. Whichever one eventually wins will be our state representative.

They’ve held the recount and discovered some voting irregularities. One of the Brentwood polling places that is partially in our state representative district and is neither our polling place nor the polling place that Anne worked on Election Day was responsible. This was a great relief to Anne, “Not my fault.” This Brentwood poll, like ours and the one that Anne worked serves multiple precincts. At the Brentwood polling place 102 voters who were in a precinct outside our state representative district were given ballots for our state representative district. With only a one vote difference this is a huge error and would have gone undetected without the recount. This election is now headed to the courts. Does this make us the Florida of Missouri yet? No? Stay tuned. Anne expects extra Election Official training for the November election, because of this incident.

I’ve always been a fan of Devo. It’s good to see that they are still rocking. Now that the Olympic Games have ended let the political games start in earnest.

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