Dave’s Back!

Lawn Chairs in the Sand Bowl

Dave made it back to Saint Louis today. He gave a ride to a friend that is starting law school here, at Wash U. In other Dave news, he recently forwarded a copy of a scientific paper that he is listed as a co-author. The paper covers research on cancer in mice. Dave’s involvement with this paper’s research dates back to his early years at Rochester. He was working in Dr. Alice’s lab at the time. Interestingly, his authorship lists him with a Master of Science degree, which he does not have. Dave submitted his qualifier for his PhD this week. He hopes to hear back in a few weeks. Next weekend Dave flies to Colorado.

The sand bowl is a hollow that lies in-between the cabin and the beach. On days when it is too windy to sit on the beach, it makes for an alternative to staying inside all day. If the sun is out it is a nice compromise on not quite beach days.

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  1. Pooh has probably told you that when we were little kids, it really was a giant sand bowl with a pile of pulp logs separating it from the beach proper. A *fantastic* place to play. If I am remembering accurately, it was created during a monster storm in about 1950 or so (before we were born, of course). I heard a lot about that storm when I was young and later on there was some speculation that a small tornado may have touched down, very unusual for that area. But no one knows.

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