I’m calling this photograph “iSunset”, not because it was taken with an iPhone, because it wasn’t. It could have been, but it wasn’t. I’m calling this photo “iSunset”, because the sun sitting just above the horizon looks like the dot on a lowercase i and the sun’s streaked reflection across Lake Superior looks like the rest of the letter, hence “iSunset”. I chose this shot, in part, because of the illuminated cloud above the sun. I thought that it looked more ‘artistic’, but it really doesn’t fit with the paradigm of “iSunset”. So think of the cloud as some sort of foreign accent mark, like ˜ or ˆ or ¨. Making this sort of the international version of “iSunset”. This picture was taken by Anne and is part of our endless summer sunset series. We have an awful lot of them. 😉

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