Did You Survive?

Chinese Fan Lanterns

Yup, but it was dicey when [brother] discovered that the Pretty Ponies were playing in the Hot Wheels cave.

School officially started on Wednesday, but Anne got her feet wet on Monday. Our neighbors had simultaneous work commitments and this time of year has a paucity of baby-sitters. In desperation they asked Anne if she could watch the children. She of course said yes.  Older brother and younger sister, Anne has substitute taught both of them. Plus she has lived next to them for all of their lives. Hot Wheels and Pretty Ponies aside, Anne was the center of attention.

The bus! The bus! The B-U-S!

On my way into work this morning, I passed the elementary school kids lined up at the corner, with a few of their mothers, all awaiting the imminent arrival of the school bus. Today was their first day of school for the new school year. Passing by, I could see that the excitement was palpable. 

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.

School didn’t start today for Anne. Even though she is a most excellent teacher, it would be a bit of a let down to draw a substitute teacher on the first day of school. Have no fear though, in just a few days the early morning call from the sub-scheduler will come. Anne has already lined up a long-term substitute job, starting in October. She is excited about this challenge.

The Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. ~Russel Baker.

Vacation leave has all been spent and school has restarted, heralding the return of Fall. This summer was a hot one. Fortunately, for this last week the heat has relented. There is rain predicted for tomorrow and the forecast for this weekend looks positively cool, highs only in the seventies. It sounds like Fall. It sounds positively lovely.

When summer gathers up her robes of glory,
And, like a dream, glides away.
~ Sarah Helen Whitman

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