Pearl and Lou

It was a dark and stormy night. No, I’m waking up in LA. It was another bright and sunny morning. Dave had emailed us in the middle of the night that he had missed his connection in Tokyo. He was returning to LAX from his conference in Hong Kong and his flight to Tokyo was delayed. He wouldn’t be arriving in the morning as planned, but at 5 PM. This threw into disarray our plans for the day. We had arranged to meet Lou and Pearl, Anne’s uncle and aunt and Harry’s older brother. Lou is a nonagenarian. We had planned to entrain the ‘Boyz of Noise’, descend upon their home and then go out to dinner. Lou and Pearl generously agreed to wait for us. This impromptu delay dovetailed nicely for Dan. He had stayed up until dawn and not partying. He told us this when we called him to explain the change of plans. He hung-up with a statement full of dark foreboding, he had a story to tell us.

With our day free until five, Anne and I went to the Getty. Suffice to say, the museum lived up to its hype. We loved it. It is a contemporary architectural masterpiece. Styled on the theme of an Italian village, I found the outside of the museum more impressive than anything on the inside. It is so befitting of tinsel town, where exterior form out ranks interior function. Don’t miss it though, if you have the chance to see it. There will be much more posted on the Getty in the future.

Anne with the LA Skyline Behind Her

Five o’clock rolled around. We picked up Dave and then took a circuitous route back north to Lou and Pearl’s. Google maps had redlined the 405. Some sort of LA car-mageddon was underway Saturday night, under the guise of normal Saturday traffic. Anyway, we made it. Lou is a consummate story-teller, with stories told in school that should be told out of school. Like the Getty, there is much more to be posted. Dan joined us shortly thereafter and our family was reunited for the first time since Christmas. Lou and Pearl treated us at their favorite steakhouse. At dinner Dan told us his story.

CalArts’ commencement celebrations can collect crashers. One of Dan’s classmates disrupted an attempted sexual assault. [IMHO] He got a busted lip for his trouble. The perp then fled. Confronted by campus police, he assaulted two officers, before biting a third. Dan spent the rest of the night at an urgent care center, after driving his wounded classmate there. That’s my boy!

Tomorrow, we four head into the mountains, where internet access is spotty, read non-existent. While postings have been falling like rain, here in the content capital of the world, in the mountains, words could be few and far between. Stay posted.

5 thoughts on “Conjunctions

  1. Thanks for the pictures of Pearl & Lou.
    Just for a moment I thought it was Dan’s classmate who had assaulted the police. I need to slow down when reading an exciting story.

  2. We also enjoyed the grounds of the Getty for longer than the inside, but there’s only so much art you can study, I’m convinced, before you really aren’t taking it in. Outdoors is easier. Or maybe it’s just me.

  3. Good for Dan, to support his friend! Takes guts to disrupt a felony-in-progress…only fair for a friend to stand by him while getting treated at the ER!!!

  4. Hi, Joe from SC. I was at the Cal Arts festivities as well(son graduated, Luis Salcedo) and heard about the commotion. We didn’t know what had happened. Glad to know it didn’t turn out any worse than it already was……

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