Sunday, we left LA’s megalopolis for the mountains. We drove across the San Joaquin Valley to Sequoia National Park. Driving through the park was a bear. There were too many hairpin turns and a temporary road closure to boot. It took over two hours to go fifty miles. We all enjoyed seeing the giant sequoias though. We toured General Sherman the largest living tree, by volume. He is not particularly tall, as sequoias go, but he is massive. While we were touring Sherman, the partial solar eclipse was underway. If we weren’t in the sweet spot swath that cut across California, we were darn close. Plus, we were at altitude. The eclipse cast a strange light, bluer than normal. I think that it was this strange cast of light that frightened primitive peoples more than the unexpected darkness. Anne was able to make crescent shaped shadows by crisscrossing her fingers. The sequoias could do it too, with their pine needles. It was rather magical. Sunday night was spent in Grant’s Grove, part of King’s Canyon National Park. We rented a cabin. Because we are sleeping within wooden wall, we can safely bring our food inside. Monday night, we’ll be in a tent. Then we’ll have to use special bear boxes to store the food. Never can we store the food in the car. The bears have learned how to pry open car doors with their claws. Monday night we will be in Yosemite.

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