Weekend Update

Enjoy Mexican Coke

Dave breezed into town on Friday night. We went out to dinner at Las Palmas, a Mexican restaurant in Maplewood. This place is a favorite watering-hole among the MRH facility. They have great pitchers of margaritas, which they serve full and with already full glasses. There were no other teachers there, but the place was packed. We snagged the last table, which was next to Victor, the Mariachi singer. The photo is of a Coca-Cola themed table top there..

Dave came to town, because his long time friend, Neil is leaving town. He is going to become a ranger in Yosemite. I could dig up old Cub Scout photos of the two together, but I doubt either of them would appreciate it much. We might see him when we visit that park this summer. We left Dave after dinner and he went off to Neil’s party. We talked over coffee the next morning, then he was on his way back to Purdue. He’ll be back in a few weeks, in-between his visits to Memphis and Hong Kong. OBTW, Dave has contacts now.

My dad and brother Chris are in Zürich now. They called last night during a layover in Chicago and voice mail later had them safely arrived in Switzerland. They are about to embark upon a cruise down the Rhine.

Anne and I got out on our bikes in the afternoon. The weather was sunny, but cool. We cruised around the park, dodging wedding parties and scoping out tomorrow’s Earth Day festival. We had lunch in the CWE, at Culpepper’s. On the way back to the park, we bumbled into a police action. One young man sat cuffed on the curb. Anne looked away, but I gaper-blocked by. He was surrounded by a bunch of cops and cars. We threaded the impasse and made sure that we stopped at the next stop sign. We got 22 miles.

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